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07Jan / 2017

Say NO to Amino Spiking!

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Say NO to Amino Spiking!

By: Ryan Stankovic @RStankovic86

Chrome Supps takes pride in having ALL of their proteins Third Party Lab Tested.”

Unfortunately, we see this happen in ALL industries. Companies look for a quick and easy way to increase their bottom line, even if it includes decreasing the quality of their product or service. Recently in the supplement industry, a practice that is downright wrong, and in some cases illegal, has emerged. This concept is called “Amino Spiking.” If you have been around the health industry, you may have heard of this term/phrase, but may not fully understand what it is.

The negative context usually associated with “Amino Spiking” should be enough to spark your interest, especially since you could be potentially wasting your hard earned money. You can protect yourself by doing research, understanding labels, and talking to reputable individuals who are experts within the supplement industry.

What is Amino Spiking? Well, to answer this we need to know that manufacturers and distributors are responsible for evaluating the safety and labeling of the products they are producing. This means they have to run tests on the products to make claim to what is on the label. If we focus on protein supplements, the most common test used to gauge how much protein is in a supplement (i.e. grams per scoop), is the nitrogen test otherwise known as the Kjeldahl Method. Using a chemical process, labs test the nitrogen levels in their sample set, and then use a conversion matrix to determine how many grams of protein are displayed on the label. Now, there is a slight problem with this test, in which some supplement companies “trick” the lab results by adding certain amino acids such as glycine and taurine to the product to increase the nitrogen levels during testing. This results in an inaccurate reading of the amount of complete protein in the product that your body can use during protein synthesis.

You may be thinking, “Well aren’t amino acids good for muscle growth and prevention of muscle wasting?” Yes, certain Amino Acids are very beneficial and have a time and a place for their use. Unfortunately, the amino acids these companies are using to spike their protein supplements are of the lowest grade and have little to no effectiveness, hence why the ingredient is so cheap. Let’s put this into perspective: if you are taking one of these protein supplements that have been amino spiked, you think you are paying for X grams of protein and are relying on that to be true. However the reality of it is you would be getting significantly less useable complete protein. You should be getting what you pay for.

Chrome Supps takes pride in having ALL of their proteins Third Party Lab Tested, and they ALWAYS put quality and service over everything. This is one of the many reasons why I signed with them. They are a company who understands that your hard earned money should not be wasted. They do not play into the tricks that end up hurting the consumer just to make a few extra dollars. If you are looking for a trusted, tested, and tried protein supplement that is not amino spiked, give Chrome Whey and Chrome ISO-28 a try. These two protein supplements are made from the highest quality ingredients, and nowhere on the label will you find any of the amino acids used to spike protein powders.

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YohimbineHCL CHopped Final

30Oct / 2016

Yohimbine HCL – Science of Burning Stubborn Fat

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Yohimbine HCL – Science of Burning Stubborn Fat

The supplement world these days never ceases to amaze me. There is always new and revolutionary research on both old and newly-discovered ingredients. One ingredient that has really picked up some momentum in recent years is Yohimbine HCL. The supporting evidence that this ingredient works very well as a mood/energy enhancer and more IMPORTANTLY a fat loss agent, continues to add up as more and more studies are done. So, how does it work? Where does it come from? Where can I find it? All good questions which we will review in today’s write-up!

Like most supplements and ingredients, Yohimbine HCL is a derivative of a plant. In this case the bark of the Yohimbe tree. Yohimbine is the active alkaloid in the bark and it is extracted and processed into Yohimbine HCL. Modern medicine took a page out of ancient medicine with this one, as Yohimbine has been used for thousands of years, proving time and time again its effective medicinal use.

Yohimbine HCL is a mild MAO inhibitor (we covered MAO Inhibitors in our article on Hordenine HCL, be sure to check that out as well!), which will help give you a bump in energy and mood. As we progress through a diet and execute fat burning cardiovascular exercise, we will begin to feel run down both physically and mentally. Yohimbine HCL will aid in controlling the destruction of our “feel good” hormones and aminos, resulting in a more positive experience through these taxing activities.

The biggest benefit, and in my opinion most interesting effect, Yohimbine HCL plays is its roll in fat loss by inhibiting a regulatory process in fat cells, specifically in “stubborn fat areas”. In these stubborn fat areas (brown fat) we have a significant amount more alpha-2 (α2) receptor sites. These receptor sites do an annoyingly good job at preventing the fat cells from releasing their stores to be used as energy (process also known as “burning fat”). Yohimbine HCL is an alpha-2 antagonist, meaning it will combat this stubborn effect.

(*Brief interjection, without getting too far into the weeds, insulin utilizes the same receptor sites as Yohimbine HCL. This means, Yohimbine HCL is best used for fat loss, DURING a fasted state…..insulin levels are at their lowest at this time*)

Knowing the aforementioned, products that contain Yohimbine HCL are great tools to incorporate in with your fasted cardio. So as your body turns to its fat stores for energy during this level of activity, Yohimbine HCL will be efficiently working in your system to “break up” the brown fat to be used as an energy source!

Yohimbine HCL and a stimulant, such as caffeine, work synergistically together bringing you the most efficient results possible. A lot of companies see this POWERFUL duo, and incorporate BOTH into their fat burning products. I personally use and recommend to my clients Chrome Supps Fat Burner for this exact reason. Follow the dosing instructions on the bottle and incorporate it into your fasted cardio sessions to burn through stubborn fat areas!


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19Oct / 2016

Wheying in on Whey Isolate

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ISO Whey

Before I start this feature, I will state that even though we will review some very good information here, we will barely be scratching the surface. Not because there is limited information available, but rather the opposite. Whey Protein is probably the most studied and talked about by-product used in the supplement and fitness world today! We could go on for days, even weeks, talking about this highly effective ingredient. We will be taking a look at one of the “cleanest” forms of Whey, and that is Whey Isolate.  So without further ado…….

We see it in the media all of the time. People who may be depicted as having a lot of muscle or being strong will be associated or symbolized with PROTEIN. There is a reason for this, as protein and resistance training go hand in hand with Muscle Protein Synthesis. Protein Synthesis is the actual process that takes place to promote muscle growth and strength. Protein is comprised of amino acids, which are the building blocks of your muscles and other tissues. When we participate in some form of resistance training, we create micro tears in our muscle fibers at a cellular level. Our body’s response is to increase blood flow to these areas, transporting with it the necessary aminos to repair these micro tears. This results in a larger and stronger muscle cell. Repeat this process over and over again with adequate rest between you will promote hypertrophy or muscle growth!

So looking at that very high level explanation of Protein Synthesis, we note that protein is a very important piece of the equation. We can intake protein from various sources, all coming from animals or plants. Some protein sources are healthier than others, some protein sources are faster digesting than others, and some protein sources are “complete”, meaning they have all 9 essential amino acids. One Protein Source that has no lactose, no fats, is convenient, AND has all 9 essential amino acids is Whey Isolate.

What does no lactose and no fats mean?

It means that humans can easily digest this form. Lactose and fats may cause bloating and cramping with some individuals. Fats can also significantly slow down the digestion process, as it takes your body longer to break them down. Whey Isolate is free of both Lactose and Fats allowing for fast and comfortable absorption, which makes it a great choice to consume immediately following resistance training, aiding in Protein Synthesis!

What are the nine essential Amino Acids?

Your body needs 22 different Amino Acids to stay healthy and function appropriately. 13 of those 22 amino acids, your body can synthesize on its own. 9 of those 22 amino acids, needs to come from an external source, these are called the essential amino acids. Whey Isolate will provide ALL 9 essential amino acids, making it a COMPLETE protein source!


So with Whey Isolate being at least 90% protein, it is safe to say that it is one of the leanest and purest sources of Protein available. If your goal is to build lean muscle mass and optimize the hard work you are putting in the gym, you better be sure to include a Whey Isolate in your program!

Chrome Supp’s ISO-28 is packed with 28g of Protein coming from Whey Isolate! We pride ourselves in bringing only QUALITY supplements to the market. There is no amino spiking or tricks to skew the actual amount of useable protein in each scoop. This means what you see on the label is what you actually get. ISO-28 undergoes numerous third party trials and tests to validate, allowing us to confidently make these claims. As always bringing quality and effective products to the consumer!


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13Sep / 2016

Zeroing In On Hordenine HCl

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Zeroing In On Hordenine HCl

Hordenine is a natural occurring alkaloid found in plants. It is a favorable ingredient in supplements today, in particular fat burners, due to its positive effect on mood, energy, and metabolism. This natural MAO (Monoamine Oxidase) inhibitor, blocks the enzymes that destroy Monoamines, in particular the amino acids and hormones that play a role in the workings of a healthy central nervous system. So in layman’s terms, MAO’s are the bad enzymes that destroy the good amino acids and hormones that make us feel good and energized…..Hordenine does a great job at preventing this destruction.

So if you are putting your body through added stress of cardio and dieting, supplements that contain Hordenine (even better yet Hordenine HCL) can in fact give you a boost of energy and noticeable increase in mood.

How about the effects of Hordenine HCL on your metabolism? Hordenine is proven to stimulate the adrenals, to produce epinephrine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. All three DRAMATICALLY affect your metabolism at a cellular level. If you are looking for a fat burner that really jumpstarts your metabolism, you better be sure to find one that contains Hordenine.

Chrome Supps Fat Burner has a clinical dose of Hordenine HCL at 50mg per pill! Along with a number of other quality ingredients, you can’t go wrong using this Fat Burner. I have had clients come to me where their metabolic rate was almost non-existent. Along with diet and cardio changes to increase their metabolism, I have suggested Chrome Supps Fat Burner, and have seen very favorable results. Hordenine HCl is another example of the many quality ingredients Chrome Supps uses to bring you the most effective products out there!


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31Aug / 2016

Higenamine HCl – Turn Up the INTENSITY!

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Higenamine HCl – Turn Up the INTENSITY!

When it comes to getting the most out of your workouts, preworkout supplements, specifically stimulant based, can be a good aid to turn up the intensity. When most people hear the word stimulant, their mind immediately goes to caffeine.  This is understandable, considering that it is the most abundant stimulant in preworkouts on the market today. What if we took it one step further and looked at stimulants that have added benefits as well? One of those being Higenamine HCL.

Higenamine HCL (also known as Norcoclaurine HCL) is found in multiple plants across the world. An interesting thing to note is the chemical isn’t specific to a certain part of the plants it is found in, coming from the fruit, root, stem, vines, and even seeds. Since this is a naturally occurring chemical you can bet that Higenamine has been used in medicine for thousands of years, with the earliest records being noted in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Higenamine HCL is a strong beta2-andrenergic agonist. Meaning it binds to the β2 receptor, causing smooth muscle relaxation, not to be confused with striated muscle (which is what we use to lift those weights). The effects from smooth muscle relaxation cause dilation of the airway. This means you are opening your airways up to take in more oxygen during your workouts. There is also evidence that shows smooth muscle relaxation causes the release of insulin. Insulin, without getting too far into detail, is very anabolic, driving muscle growing nutrients into the fibers, promoting an environment for hypertrophy. One other effect from smooth muscle relaxation is vasodilation of blood vessels in your muscles. This allows your blood to flow freely to the muscles you are working out, bringing  oxygen and nutrients with it.

To recap, what will happen when you take a supplement that contains Higenamine HCL? As your workout progresses, you’ll feel your airways opening up, you will notice that your “pump” will increase as your blood vessels start opening up, and you may not feel it but your body will be releasing muscle promoting insulin during your workout. So along with the beneficial stimulant effects from Higenamine HCL, you will also capitalize on the above. Include a supplement that contains Higenamine HCL in your arsenal and you will be sure to take your workouts and muscle growth to the next level!


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29Aug / 2016

Nitrosigine – Innovation

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Nitrosigine ® – Innovation


What does L-Arginine do? Your body converts it to nitric oxide (not nitrous), which results in blood vessels opening wider. This allows for better blood flow, carrying important nutrients to your muscles while training. On top of all that it also stimulates the release of natural growth hormones and insulin (can you say HYPERTROPHY!)

What does Silicate do? It is found concentrated in the arterial walls. The greater the content of silica, the easier it is for the vessels and arteries to transport blood as the tissue becomes more volumized, and can expand. This is ONE of the reasons why when we age, our arteries become “more rigid” as the amount of silicon diminishes.

Hmmm, would it not be great if there was a way to get both of the effects from the two items above? WE CAN! There is a relatively new complex out, called Nitrosigine! Nitrosigine binds L-arginine and silicate together, unlocking the benefits listed above working synergistically with one another. Where can you get Nitrosigine in supplement form? Introducing Chrome Supps latest and greatest supplement Magic Pump. I have been fortunate enough to test run this product before it hit the market, and let me tell you IT IS AMAZING! I had veins popping out everywhere, telling me I was taking advantage of my intraworkout Aminos by shuttling them straight to the muscles. Also, the pump I got was pretty intense, stretching every muscle fiber with each rep. I am so stoked that Chrome has come out with this product and I can’t wait to see how it works the closer and closer I get to my shows. Get yours today!



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01Jan / 2017

Motivation and success!

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How will you be successful this year? Will you achieve those goals you set for yourself?

Each and every person gathers drive, confidence, motivation and courage from many different avenues. Many people seem to fall into one, if not all of these categories. I have been in each and every one, depending on what the goal or circumstances surrounding life may have been at the time.

The energy feeders:
Those who feed off the positive (or negative) energy of others around them.

The self motivated:
These people need nothing but the air they breath to go out and get things done. No outside sources need be involved.

The habit keepers:
The ones that can’t seem to let sabotaging habits go.

Surround yourself with those people who are successful! Model yourself to those who have accomplished the goals you wish to achieve. Wether it be fitness, finance, a job, or family life. There is always someone out there that will elevate you, your goals and what you have been able to achieve thus far. Watch them, study their habits, and put those same things to work in your life. The mind is a powerful thing. Don’t let fears, past experiences, or doubts inhibit what you want to achieve. If you’re an energy feeder, find someone that exudes positivity and exemplifies hard work. With effort, you’ll ultimately pick up that same energy and drive. If you’re self motivated, well then lucky you!! You’re one step ahead in getting where you want to be. Just keep it going. For those habit keepers, recognize the bad habits and model a strategy to overcome them. Be prepared in your mind and have an alternate thought process for when bad habits start to creep in. Let newer better practices become the new habit to allow success!

You are who you surround yourself with. Let the ones that lift you up, encourage you to better yourself, and allow you to grow.